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The experience of anger is always one of two things. Either:

a) You are wanting something that you are not getting or,
b) You are getting something that you are not wanting.

Depending upon the intentions both before and during the experience of anger and also depending upon one’s “self-responsibility horizon” a wide range of subsequent experiences are possible.

See: Anger Spectrum, Self Responsibility Horizon.

Present Anger, Past Anger

Additionally, anger can be located in a persons experience relative to time. Present time anger is a communication to the self regarding authenticity, in other words, regarding authentic "wants" and "not wants." It is both the support and power to give authentic "yes's" and authentic "no's." Present-time anger will disappear when the ‘not-want’ is transformed and expressed as a ‘want.’ In other words, present time anger vanishes when one authentically answers the question “What do you want?”

See: Not Want.

Anger is past-time anger if it is truthfully ‘out of proportion’ or ‘unrelated to present events’ or if it is in the lower half of the anger spectrum. Past-time anger represents “unfinished energetic expressions” from the past that are still incomplete.

See: Layers, Completion.
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