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Completion Events in time have life energy associated with them and an event is complete when all of the energy associated with that event has moved in the present or has been fully expressed. The event can be an interaction between people, a certain situation or one’s own internal realizations and feelings or a group process. Even one’s own thought processes. Then there is a specific feeling state when completion is present. The feeling is one of wholeness, peacefulness, the feeling of being free and available for the next event. Or being available for whatever might come next. There is an increased feel of love, gratitude and the feeling ‘that everything is all right.’ It is possible for an event or activities to have ended or be finished and still be very incomplete. Feelings about a divorce for example. It is also possible for an event to be complete but unfinished. Writing a book that is no longer interesting for example. Completion is a function of life energy movement and not of activity or action. Completion is a function of being in the unknown and expressing energy as it occurs, rather then being in the known and expressing what has already existed.

See: PersonalKnown, PersonalUnknown.
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