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Channelings and Transmissions from "The A's," aka "The Andromedans," aka "Us."

My work with the "A's" seems to be of a somewhat different nature than what is normally thought of in channelings and transmissions. Normally there is a "channeler" and a "channeled entity." Or a "transmitting entity" and a "receiver." This I would refer to as "medium channeling" where the receiver is functioning more or less as a medium with a more or less separate experience.

The A's themselves encourage a much greater degree of blending or merging or unifying between myself and them. This I would refer to as "unity channeling" and my guess is that, over time, we will all do much more of this regarding ourselves not as a "separate medium" but much more of a unified Self or having a greater experience of an expanded Self connecting both sides of the veil.

Some recent articles:

Earth's transition.
Commentary on: 1) The transition from an Earth ruled by the dark side to an Earth ruled by the light side. 2) The enormous value gained by this process. 3) And the magnificence of the future.

Unbending Intent: Advanced work from the A's aka "Us."
This is a short but clear and strong statement as to what our "spiritual growth and transformation work" will focus on in more advanced stages, that being intent and the strengthening of our ability to intend to the point of unbending intent. Intent is not intentions or goals. It is much larger, more abstract and more vital to life than those. Intent is truthfully a transcendent concept. The Kryon channel declares: “Intent is the king of earthly existence.” Carlos quotes Don Juan as stating; “Intent is being BOTH the convincer and the convinced.” My experience of it is as an intrinsic characteristic of being-ness and therefore add; “To be human is to be intending.”

Some new work on the JE technology.
The culmination of two years work of my own inquiry and a dialogue with the A's as to how to make the "Joyful Empowerment Technology" also include miracles on demand in addition to miracles of flow.
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