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Channelings and Transmissions from "The A's," aka "The Andromedans," aka "Us."

My work with the "A's" seems to be of a somewhat different nature than what is normally thought of in channelings and transmissions. Normally there is a "channeler" and a "channeled entity." Or a "transmitting entity" and a "receiver." This I would refer to as "medium channeling" where the receiver is functioning more or less as a medium.

The A's themselves encourage a much greater degree of blending or merging or unifying between myself and them. This I would refer to as "unity channeling" and my guess is that, over time, we will all do much more of this regarding ourselves not as a "medium" but much more of a unified Self or having a greater experience of an expanded Self connecting both sides of the veil.

Some recent articles:

Unbending Intent: Advanced work from the A's aka "Us."

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Commentary on the transition from an Earth ruled by the dark side to an Earth ruled by the light side.
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