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'Layers' Various identity facets, aspects, overlays or laminations. These may be incomplete emotional layers like fear, hatred, anger and sorrow or unprocessed hurt. They may also be various definitions, interpretations, beliefs etc. about the way that life is. I.e. the way that reality is. I.e. what is real!

As these layers become complete, the held, stuck energy is released and the identity transforms. There are analogies such as 1) a snake shedding it’s skin (The identity ‘box’ is continuously enlarged) or 2) peeling an onion that has a light buried at the center (the internal light gets brighter) that describe this ‘growth process.’

Any particular layer may last hours, days, weeks or a lifetime depending on the actual movement or lack of movement of the held, stuck energy.

As the identity box gets larger there is more space for love, peace, creativity, prosperity etc.

The identity is a matrix that determines one’s life experience. And, as the layers are completed this matrix expands. This matrix, as it expands, also holds higher and higher states of kundalini energy that can then connect to one’s self interdimensionally i.e. to the aspects of self residing in other dimensions.

See: Completion, KundaliniEnergy, TransformationOfTheIdentity.

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