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A More Standard Bio


This is a "bio" type sharing just to provide a little more complete picture of who I am.

I'll be 60 next year (2008) and at the moment, residing and writing, in Dallas, Texas. I'm someone who has many interests and a fair range of talents and skills. Most importantly I'm delightfully happy and empowered with life in general.

There are at least three urgent and satisfying book projects that I am writing at the moment. The first is on economics. The second is on one or more asprects of the transformation work. And the third is one that I am finally getting to write on mathematics. The math book represents the culmination of over 25 years of enjoyable part time self-study and explorations of mathethematics and physics.

For nearly 11 years I've been doing group work leading empowerment workshops with five of those years residing in Vienna, Austria, founding a school there and leading workshops in additional countries. For 11 years prior to the group empowerment work I had an empowerment practice that primarily had the focus on indiviuals and relationships.

The work that I offer is a combination of intense emotional clearing and powerful use of intent which is then combined with spiritual and Tantric aspects for the purpose of empowering individuals, couples and communities for self-mastery, longevity and a joyful life. After many years this body of work is finally beginning to have a good, clear, conceptual articulation to go along with the extraordinary experiences.

About nine years ago I wrote and self-published a small book on the state of the work at that point. Although only five to six hundred copies were printed and sold only at my seminars, the book seems to have developed and interesting secondary market on Amazon at nearly six times the original price! That can be found here:

Economics, particularly money creation and the three main "-isms," i.e. capitalism, socialism and communism along with their direct and powerful effect on politics is another significant background interest. I was a part of two "intentional alternative communites," one in the '70's for about 6 years and one more recently, a few years ago in Europe. These were challenging yet wonderful and beautiful experiments in testing my empowerment "technology" in every aspect of life. Economics, politics, family, education, creativity, health and longevity, sexuality, spirituality in terms of its more mystical, self and god realizable forms all have to be fully working to enjoy an optimal life.

Additionally, I've been a consulting astrologer for over 30 years which now forms an excellent adjunct to the empowerment work both in my own life and the lives of those close to me and who I work with. Over on the fun side, I'm a not so bad drummer enjoying playing in pop and rock settings as well as more tribal like drum circles.

Going back further my original A.A. degree was in accounting and business data processing. Then, after returning from being stationed in Germany during the Viet Nam war I worked as a business computer programmer and systems analyst. After that there were some excellent business positions including accountant/CFO, sales, sales training and a three year position as CEO of a manufacturing company. It feels like I earned the equivalent of an MBA during that phase.

There is another self-sharing about who I see myself to be from the spiritual side and that is here.

Also, for some fun there is a short comic video of myself demonstrating a confused "ego." Push the “Comic Relief” button at the bottom of the homepage, here.

Thanks for listening.

Much love always .... greg
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