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Some Sharing from Greg about the Course:

About This Sharing

I want to present the course to you in a way that just makes it easy for you to know whether or not you are sure you would like to be in it. This is, perhaps, a bit more important than usual since there is no required fee. Sometimes, though not necessarily, paying money can support people with making and keeping a commitment.

Also, the course length, 10 days, is a big time commitment and, ideally, you should know as much as possible, of what you want to know, ahead of time so that: a) You can make the full time commitment and then just forget about it to focus on what’s happening. And, b) Not be in the course wondering from day to day whether or not you should come back the next day!

So I will just give you this information and sharing in more or less formal and informal pieces. The intention is that you get the easy pieces fairly quickly and get the more difficult pieces with either additional reading or additional questions and dialogue where needed with me. I’m available at: So send whatever questions, “yes-buts,” “how comes,” and “what ifs” that might be popping up and needing something more.

About a Name

When it first began, the name if this work was “ERW” which meant Emotional Release Work. For a short time it was called “Magical Intention Work.” Mostly it has been called “Joyful Empowerment.” Sometimes, “Introduction to Joyful Empowerment” when the long-term nature of it is being highlighted.

Since it was associated for some years with a community where we lived and practiced this work daily sometimes it was called “Introduction to Etceterra.” Etceterra was, for a time, the name of the community and the non-profit school. It is also an acronym that means “Ecstasy, Truth, Clarity Eternally on earth. (terra)” The acronym just summarizes some of my own and others personal commitments.

For a while I thought that maybe I would call it “The Etceterra Initiation.” This highlights both the deeper spiritual aspects of the work and the “significant departure and new beginnings” aspects. But, actually, this work can be taken just as lightly, due to its simplicity, as it can be taken deeply and intensely, due to its profound and permanent transformational nature so that name is probably a bit over balanced.

There is a woman in Vienna, Austria who has a Master’s degree in communication and sociology and is a part of the community there. For a time she considered going back to school for her doctorate and planned to do her dissertation on this work. Although she chose not to, what did come to her was the dissertation’s title. It was to be: “Yes, Love can be taught!”
And after a little analysis, sprinkled with humor, between Danica in Phoenix, and I, it seemed for a moment that it would just be called “Greg’s course!”

More recently, naming it “The Compassion Course” has been very present. As I observed the power of genuine compassion to connect people to their inner selves and also observed the many and varied hurt and pain “layers” embedded in the identity it seemed that compassion could be an excellent guiding intention. The problem there is that compassion is usually confused with sympathy.

There was and still is also the option of calling it, “The entry or introduction or orientation to the Five Hundred Year Project (FHYP)” since the principles and practices in the course form the foundation of the FHYP.

And so after all of that I was able to come up with a one-liner that is arguably better than any name. Here it is:

“The course is really about forming such an entirely new accessibility, communication and relationship to all of your personal emotions and feelings that each and every intention that you have is full of Joy and Power at all times!”

About the Purpose

The purpose of the course is to empower you in your life. Empowerment means to give power. Why would we be giving power? Because people need power to get whatever it is that they are trying to get. Or, to effect any change, find any solution or produce any result that they are trying to change, effect or produce.

This includes trying to remove or disappear any undesired thing, aspect, effect, result or characteristic. Many times people have more difficulty getting rid of something that is no longer wanted than gaining something newly desired. This is particularly true in trying to effect self-change.

Consequently, I define power not as force, coercion, pressure and so on but simply as the ability to get what you want. People with more power get more of what they want and people with less power get less of what they want.

I also define joy in a rather different but precise way. Joy is being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. And so the purpose of the course is to show you a way to be consistently in your own personal “joy and power.” I.e., to show you a way to be consistently in the right place at the right time doing the right thing getting what you want.

About Money

The course is offered with no required fee and on a donations basis. Donations may be made before, during or after the course, in secret or in public or in any way that ideally reflects some personal and even spiritual truth of your participation. Past donations have ranged from zero to over two million dollars.

The actual amount is up to you. From a spiritual point of view (and I/we will attempt to take this point of view often) this is logical.

Since true spiritual inspiration and action are unique personal truths, only your own “Self” knows the truth or not of any outward action. It’s my wish and intention that money received for the course reflects a satisfying level of spiritual trust and spiritual truth.

About People

In general, the “energy” that creates and sustains the course (or any course) lives in the commitments and promises of the people doing it. Mine included. The energy does not live in the money! Even though, as I said before money can be supportive, the real power (and the joy) lies with the people and not with the money. WAY TOO OFTEN these roles are reversed.

As we begin to focus on the truth of what is empowering and what is not empowering this is a great, and often difficult, place to start. Beginning to own that you have the power and not the money. As an aside, one of my intentions for this course is to powerfully demonstrate this by having the group produce money results and breakthroughs seemingly by “doing nothing.”

As to people, from a practical “attendance” point of view what I want as a level of group energy is twelve people that are sure they want to make and keep the ten day time commitment.

In general, I am making the “go, no-go” decision as to whether the course happens or not two to three weeks before the start date. Generally in the past, if the course is a “go” than three weeks before the start date there are 70 to 80 percent of the final number already committed along with enough “maybes” to know we will reach the right energy level.

About Time

In the previous ten years “Greg’s course” has been a half-day in length, several half days, three days, four days, seven days and currently ten days. There are two main reasons for this.

The first is that this work gets very deep quite quickly and I kept lengthening it because if I were only going to be somewhere for a short period I wanted to make sure there was sufficient practice, depth and support to provide whatever was needed after I left.

The second is that the evolution of the course followed my actual study, observation and integration of a particular “evolving” of the empowerment of the people participating.

I will, of course, show you all about it in the course but this particular “evolving” is about what tends to “become present” and at what point in time it becomes present as we go along.

For example, at what point are intentions most present? At what point is self-doubt and sadness most present? At what point does fear or anger need more attention? At what point are sexuality and shared sexuality ready to be focused on?
They are all, of course, more or less all present at all times within the members of the group but the length of the course serves to make normally very confusing and complex aspects of ourselves be addressed in a rather linear way. This results in great breakthroughs in understanding.

As new distinctions are made and integrated in ways that ensure ‘joy and power’ to the people, I expect that the number of days will continue to expand. Currently the course is, as I have mentioned several times, ten days in length. They are, although, rather “short” days averaging usually only 8 hours.

If you like deeper abstractions I can tell you that the course is about “moving energy,” specifically the following types: Emotional energy, ‘pranic’ or life energy, the energy of intent and sexual energy. Also, the moving of kundalini energy, which is perhaps, eventually the most important but, tends to be less present in initial stages.

In my view healing, guidance, creativity and enlightenment, God-realisation and Self-realisation are actually inseparable from joyful empowerment. This is because they are fundamentally still just intentions. So empowering them is not basically different than empowering other intentions like money, relating and various “success” intentions.

What all of this has to do with time is that the “moving” of the various forms of physical and spiritual energy has its three dimensional, four dimensional and greater dimensional aspects. Consequently, relatively great “movement of energy” can occur in short periods of ordinary linear time. This is why the hours can be somewhat short and also why people have complete permission to fall asleep any time in the course! They will “know” what they need and when they need it and “wake up” at the right “time” for exactly their own right movement of energy!

About the Experience I

The actual work, techniques and practices are most often experienced at three different levels.

The first level is primarily experienced as stress-release, relaxation and “energetic refreshing of the various bodies, physical, emotional, mental etc.” Also, the gaining of new personal understandings, realisations, intentions, commitments and concepts. There is always a general experience of increased compassion, love of others, self-love, self-value, access to inner guidance and knowledge of spiritual love (i.e. spirit loves you.) and spiritual support in an intensely personal way. These types of things can and will occur in a manner of hours or days.

The second level is primarily of “joy, power and results” relative to all of the things that people are trying to accomplish in their lives. This requires a) powerful self-change or “transformation of the identity,” b) dependable access to inner guidance, c) more or less continuous expression of Self in authenticity, integrity and personal creativity.

Self-love and shared love, notably sexually shared love will gradually spiral upward along with peace, confidence along with gradually getting a “bigger box” for happiness, “success” and pleasure. These types of second level things can and will occur in a manner of weeks, months and years.

The third level of experience is one of increasing Mastery. Steadily you increasingly experience that you no longer need a Master but that you are becoming one! Life becomes a complete partnership between your self and your Self. All intentions are fulfilled or transform in a satisfying, amazing and wondrous “flow.” Synchronicity comes to be expected and a synchronous life becomes the norm.

Perhaps the greatest measure of Mastery is that of mastering your own physical body. In due course longevity intentions (similar to my own Five Hundred Year Project, see below) become truly viable.

This requires a) continuous, effortless inner guidance, b) continuous transformation of self, life and intent, and c) more or less continuous “presencing” of God, or the “I am” or your “Christhood.”

It also requires:

These types of third level things can and will occur in a manner of years and decades.

About the Experience II

What begins to happen during the course is an experiential movement through three general phases.

The three phases, of course, all build upon each other but they also interact with one another, call forth one another and arise from one another in a way that is profoundly non-linear.

The first phase, “Joyful Empowerment,” is about integrating three basic aspects of yourself. Specifically, integrating 1) intent, 2) emotional clearing and 3) inner guidance into a practical way of living that brings Joy and Power to all of the personal intentions, commitments and desires that you are trying to make happen in your daily life.

The second phase is about taking the integrated first phase and, first, applying it specifically to the healing of stresses in the body, mind and emotions and then, second, applying it to the perfect combination of sexual ecstasy energy and inner guided movement. As you personally feel them, what we might term “spiritual or inner sexual movements” are indistinguishable from “personal or outer sexual movements.” The difference lies in “which aspect of yourself is pulling the strings, your “self” or your “Self.” What makes “Sacred Sex” sacred is the presence of your “Self” within your actions and movements. This is what allows the profound intimacy, the presence of healing and the knowing of “Whom” you are really making love with.

The third phase, Spirituality and Mastery, is simply about “Who and what” is present while ALL of the other aspects of your life are occurring. Who is present when you no longer follow a Master but ARE one? What is present, both short term and long term, when things like frustration, anxiety and pain become marginal? What will it be like for the person wearing YOUR clothes as the past and the future shrink and the eternal Now expands? Or when distance dissolves into the infinite “Here?”

Part of the answer is “synchronicity and flow.”

About Synchronicity and Flow

In due course a point is reached where you discover that ALL of your intentions are more or less ALWAYS joyfully empowered. The sense of living in joy and living in power becomes more or less constant. In this state synchronicity and flow become more or less constant companions.

What that means is that the combination of a) setting intentions, b) clearing emotions, (which becomes increasingly, authentic, delightful, effortless self-expression) and c) inner guidance together places you in a position of “flowing” along always engaging in “flow” activities. Life becomes your synchronistic partner and openings, opportunities and possibilities are presented to you just as they are “supposed” to occur as determined by these very same attributes. If that sounds circular, (non-linear) it is.

Even though this sounds a bit lofty and perhaps very far away, it’s important to know that synchronicity (beneficial coincidence) is actually a rather immediate result of personal transformation. When you change then life changes. On the “outside” you may receive the e-mail or the phone may ring with exactly the right opportunity coming in but on the “inside” knowing your own unique personal truth of what to do or which particular action to take is just as valuable and much simpler than usually believed.

About the First Phase Processes

In the “Joyful Empowerment” phase the basic processes are a) using intent or setting intentions and then empowering them through the “Intention Dialogue,” b) emotional clearing which, in time transforms to “authentic self-expression” and c) inner guidance.

Intentions can include goals or outcomes but go beyond them. Goals and outcomes generally have endings, intentions generally do not. Goals and outcomes derive from the “known.” Intentions derive from the “unknown.”

Emotional clearing or “moving emotional energy” is as natural for a child or a baby as it has become unnatural for most adults! And so it has to be somewhat “relearned.” There is great confusion as to when the expression of intense and deep emotions (venting) is “drama” and destructive and when it is “transformative” and healing.

The confusion dissolves when you discover what the intentions are underlying the emotional expression. As the “relearning” takes place and stuck emotional energy is released intense emotional expression transform into powerful self-expression and passionate creativity.

The “inner guided movement” process or forms of “Joyful Empowerment” are called the “Solo Latihan” and the “Interactive Latihan.” The word ‘Latihan’ is short for Latihan Kedjiwan, which is an Indonesian term that means ‘spiritual exercise.’ The term itself is borrowed from an Indonesian man, who after having his own enlightenment experiences, gave a limited form of “inner guided movement” to his own followers.

Osho added later that the “Latihan” has been a part of Tantric practice for thousands of years.

My own distinctions about the Latihan (inner guided movement) stem from the profound difference between a “voluntary impulse for movement” and an “involuntary impulse for movement.” I first experienced this difference dramatically and spontaneously within intense emotional clearing. Once the distinction is experienced, made and practised, “inner guided movement” becomes readily and dependably available for ANY purpose.

About the Second Phase Processes

As the three aspects of intent, emotional clearing and inner guidance continue to come together we apply them to healing and sacred sexuality. I like to continue the “phonetic theme” of the Latihan and call the associated process, respectively, the “Bodyhan” and the “Tantrahan” which formerly I called the “Sexihan.”

In the Bodyhan one partner provides the inner guidance and the other partner provides the emotional clearing while both provide the intent. And so you could call them a “heal-er” and a “heal-ee” but, as is currently becoming the case everywhere, these two roles are not as separate as we used to think.

In the Tantrahan the two partners each have all three. The intent to share sexual energy, the willingness to clear emotions and the following of inner guidance. The sexual energy intention can be interpreted to be anything that is authentically meaningful to the partners. (Btw, authenticity is defined just as “being true to yourself.”)

The willingness to clear emotions during sexual sharing is something that I find to be at the heart of Tantra. The levels of sexual energy tension using Tantric techniques along with what I call “Orgasm intentions” creates a powerful pressure for transformation. This pressure resolves it self in profound emotional sharing that establishes extraordinary new levels of intimacy, sexual pleasure and God/Goddess experiences.

About the Third Phase Processes

Although we are unlikely to do much, or any, of this in the ten days it is fun and useful to know where the process lead. The direct activation of Kundalini energies when brought down to basics is of two forms. The first being what we might call “Kundalini in stillness” which would be, primarily, ways to use the body more or less passively to raise Kundalini. Although, most traditional forms of meditation are of this form, there are ways that use transformation rather than meditation to accomplish this.

The second being what we might call “Kundalini in movement” which would be, primarily, ways to use the body actively to raise Kundalini. Traditionally this includes all of the many forms of cosmic breath exercises, some of which, in unregulated forms, can be rather dangerous. Transformationally this requires a high degree of “presence” combined with a smooth integration of intent, clearing, inner guidance, breath control, meaning, breath extent and rate, muscle tension and various motion practices, for example, Tensegrity or Tai Chi.

About a “Shorter Version”

If all of this is getting a bit deep then just go back to two things. First, the one-liner at the end of the “About the Name” paragraph. And two, understanding that “to change your life means to change yourself” and that the way that this is done is to a) set intentions (What do you want changed?) b) Clear emotions, voices, pictures etc. (Moving sufficient transformational energy to make sure that you actually DO change.) And, c) Following inner guidance. (How, when and where do we actually make these changes both “inside and outside.”)

About the Disclaimer

You may have noticed that what we have been mostly talking about is self-change and intense emotion. Unfortunately, these are currently two of the most feared things in general human experience. This doesn’t need to be the case except that self-change and intense emotion are two of the areas in which most people are still very disempowered.

Delightful, ecstatic easy spiritual growth or greatly suffering and difficult spiritual growth are self-created. Likewise, every facet of our money or material abundance, sex and love or relationship satisfaction, power or worldly success, creativity (or lack of it) health, charisma, and all of the rest are self-created also. Acknowledging this requires an unusually high degree of self-responsibility.

In a sense every step you take “requires giving everything that you are to become everything that you are meant next to be.”

What we will be doing is simple and not necessarily easy! It is almost guaranteed that there will times when you will want to quit. And, there are no judgements ever if you do.

About the Reclaimer

The cosmic joke is that it is not actually possible to quit! The joke is that we have always been infinite, eternal spiritual beings, we still are and we always will be! So, how can such a being quit? Or even be frustrated, discouraged, upset or resigned? The resolution of this and any such paradoxes lies always in the complete understanding and empowerment of intentions. “Knowing thyself” is inseparable from “knowing thy intentions” and which intentions, both knowingly and unknowingly, you have chosen to empower.

Resolving the “Paradox”

The work that we will be doing is both thrilling and potentially, although usually not initially, somewhat terrifying and/or actually enraging. Energy is, naturally, impartial. The forms of energy that we are specifically working with are simply that, energy. The colossal difference in people’s experience of these energies lies in one word. “Interpretation.” Or “Meaning” if you prefer. If you encounter points in time, places in space and aspects within yourself and others where you may have “interpreted” things like hatred, terror, violence, punishment or even pain, you might then need to make, very literally, a God-like effort of self-responsibility and ownership. You might not like this and you might not want to do it.

The “good news” is that, of course, you don’t have to, ever! There are no rules! And the “bad news” is that maybe, just maybe there is a lost potential somewhere.

About the Schedule

These times may vary a little based on the group desires and intentions.

Day 1: Friday evening session. 6pm – 12am or later
Main events: Definitions, Intention dialogue, what “Joyful Empowerment” actually feels like.

Day 2: Saturday 1 pm – 9 pm Snacks, no long lunch break.
Main events: Emotional clearing body process, “Solo Latihan.”
Usual events: Latihan, Sharing, Intentions progress, Q &A.

Day 3: Sunday 1 pm – 9 pm Snacks, no long lunch break.
Main events: Emotional clearing body process and Interactive Latihan. Usual events.

Day 4: Monday 1pm-9pm Snacks no long lunch break.
Main events: Anger dance and 1st Bodyhan. Usual events.

Day 5: Tuesday 1 – 9pm Snacks no long lunch break.
Main events: Fear dance and 2nd Bodyhan. Usual events

Day 6: Wednesday 1 – 9pm Snacks no long lunch break.
Main events: 1st Receiveehan,. Usual events.

Day 7: Thursday 1 – 9pm Snacks no long lunch break.
Main events: 2nd Receiveehan, Tantrahan video. Usual events.

Day 8: Friday 1 – 9pm Snacks, Tantric buffet.
Main events: Tantrahan, Tantric buffet. Usual events..

Day 9: Saturday: 1 – 9pm. Snacks, no long lunch break.
Main events: 3rd Receiveehan, Usual events.

Day 10: Sunday: 1 – 5 or 6pm. Snacks, early ending.
Main events: Giveehan..

About the FHYP (Five Hundred Year Project)

Becoming a part of the FHYP means to promise to stay in your current physical body for the next five hundred years. The Five Hundred Year Project is really about Physical Immortality. This form of “PI” is zero mechanistic and fully humanistic, which makes it a physical form of a spiritual phenomenon that has often been called “Ascension.”

The Kryon channelling defines ‘ascension’ as “moving into the next lifetime while remaining in the same physical body.” This is the definition that we are using which means living the equivalent of some 8 to 10 lifetimes during the course of the project.

Naturally, the success of the project for any given individual relies on obtaining levels of his or her own Mastery that were, and maybe still are, somewhat “unthinkable.” But we can assert that enough evidence in the form of direct effects on physical health, well being and longevity has already been achieved to make the viability of the project exciting.

It is now easy to prove that continuous emotional clearing of accumulated stress has enough effect to vastly improve almost any physical condition. And so, logically, we know we can go further. How far is still in the unknown but that’s what makes it very exciting and also a realistic adventure.

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