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#10, Breathe With Your heart

Loving It, Loving You and Loving Mankind.

For the most part when love is talked about or expressed it is “conditional love.” “I just love him!” Or “We loved the movie!” Or, “I’m totally in love with Andrea Corr!” “The _ (fill in the blank… trip, outfit, restaurant, wedding, view, party….) was lovely.” “(He, she, it) is soooooooooo romantic!” “Wow! She’s hot!” “That is totally cool; I just love it!”

When satisfied and fulfilling, conditional love is literally our heart’s desire. The “conditions,” standards, precision, exactness and so on are what make it meet our particular desires, wishes, aspirations, longings and cravings so perfectly! Girlfriends, boyfriends, orgasms, Oscars, Nobel prizes, winning the lottery, winning an election, winning a game, winning a war, a perfect body and most everything else that might be on our “intensely desired, ‘numero uno,’ short wish list” is an object of our personal passion. Plus, as has been often observed, the greater our passion, the more likely we are to receive what we want.

The point is that passions are conditional.

Now, to switch domains, in the primarily spiritual, religious, contemplative, yogic, new age or otherwise metaphysical world the term “unconditional love” is common and aspired to. This is Christ’s love, Buddha’s love, Vishnu’s, Allah’s, Lao Tzu’s, Kryon's and Blue’s love. This is the knowing that “All” is “All-That-Is” and “All-That-Is” is One.

Unconditional love or “love with no conditions” gets put to the test daily, hourly, each second or oftener. How can the terrorist, pedophile, international banker, shadow government operative, the bought and paid for politician or the Central Park rapist, pick-pocket, wino or junkie be One with me?

The point is that unconditional love requires, needs and even demands compassion. This is very difficult stuff. As you hug the tree could you also hug the AIDs victim or George Bush? Luckily you don’t have too.

You could almost say that passion is for what YOU want to experience and compassion is for what YOU would like others to experience. But we have to include compassion for ourselves and hardest of all, compassion for OTHER’S passions! That one is the acid test.

That should set the stage perfectly for sex! :-)

I used to be in love with Michelle Pfeiffer. In one of her movies “Tequila Sunrise,” Mel Gibson plays a drug dealer with heart. (He’s also Tantric and makes love with Michelle for hours.) He makes the very powerful observation that “Money makes people predictable.” I immediately made my own corollary that “Sex makes people unpredictable.”

How true those two assertions might actually be would make for some excellent discussion but the power of money and sex to activate our passions is unmistakable. A notable third one would be our personal power to succeed at whatever we wish.

As we noted before, religions teach poverty, chastity and obedience which are the exact opposite of money, sex and personal power. Why would they teach these? Well, politically and financially that is obvious, to keep the “flock of sheep” subdued, on their knees, guilty and filling church coffers. But that is not all.

When done authentically (as something true to one’s self.) vows of poverty, chastity and obedience subdue passion and help you focus on compassion! Of course, the baby got thrown out with the bath water and VERY luckily those days are over but interestingly enough the problem still remains. How to focus on compassion amidst all of our passions? How to bring forth “love with no conditions” while at the same time, “I want what I want and I want it now!”

If you have been following our discussion of “the ego-voices” thus far through the last few articles, #9, #8, #7, #6, etc. then pause for a moment and listen to what those voices are saying right now relative to sex and money.

And then speak some of your own desires or intentions for money and sex and listen to the voices.

And then add some intentions for compassion for the pedophile and George Bush and listen to the voices.

At this point you may be rightly going crazy and stop reading. I don’t blame you a bit!

When you recover and can listen to the voices and still remain somewhat centered then gently let the voices chatter away and turn your attention to your feelings. Slow everything down and see if you can begin to sort out the multitude of feelings clamoring for attention and release. This takes some courage. You have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Is disappointment present? Confusion? Sadness? Depression? Enthusiasm? Anxiety? Fear? Rage? Contentment? Go deep.

If that all seems kind of numb start with “body sensations” like feeling hot, cold, tired, bored, energy buzzes, itches, aches, pains and tensions. Slowly, slowly, gently, gently begin the process of letting all of these share themselves with you. Bring forth your “love without conditions,” bring forth your compassion for all of these feelings, emotions and body sensations and let them just be present as they are.

What do you do with them?

Ideally, share them. Share them honestly with yourself and you will raise your compassion. Share them honestly with someone you love and you will get a very pleasant surprise! This is something that the ego totally does not understand. Sharing all of this stuff with someone you love builds intimacy. (You need an intention for intimacy first, of course.) And intimacy is the surest path to sexual joy.

And see what the voices now have to say about that.

As you simply allow feelings, emotions and body sensations to be present and then to share them you will discover, in "netti-netti" fashion, that you are not these things either and take another step in freeing yourself from the ego. But what is just as important, you can begin to steer yourself more effectively toward your passions. And this is how you put the two together. The mystical monk working on Christ’s love and compassion along with the joyful, hedonistic, lover of life passionately following his or her heart. It’s an enormous challenge but well worth taking it on.

When I start to talk about playing “The Master Game” this is what I mean. Extraordinary compassion for the voices, thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations of one’s self and all others, perfectly combined and balanced with intense, full-on, “ going for it” passion for your heart’s desires.

Then BEST of all, discovering that they both live in your heart! Your heart can go out to Africa and your heart can fill with joy!

It’s interesting, yes?! Poverty, chastity and obedience stop the inward flow of love to yourself. Things like judgment, ridicule and hostility stop the outward flow of love from yourself..

Breathe with your heart. Inhale your passion and exhale your compassion.

I love you.

much peace … greg

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