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The K.I.S. Process

(Kundalini In Stillness)

This form of “Kundalini In Stillness” comes out of some specific spontaneous experiences I had some years ago and am now working with daily, coupled with some channeling material that helped me understand more what was happening.

For me, this version of KIS actually has more resonance to Don Juan's (Carlos Castanada) world then the yogi's world as it moved me into a "Dreamtime" experience in which many of Don Juan's instructions to Carlos, which I was able to utilize somewhat, were exactly relevant. Especially the one that says something like, (paraphrase) "at a certain point (energy level) you make a quarter turn to the left (right?) and that is how you get out." (or "get in" to the dreambody.)

One observation that I have come to be convinced about is that in addition to the "spinal technology" of kundalini from the yogi's to include breath techniques, asanas and chakra awareness etc., that there is also what I'm calling a "cellular technology" to kundalini. In this approach the kundalini energy is felt as a gradually growing "energy cocoon" encompassing the whole body and permeating it. This then allows for exit into Dreamtime in a very conscious way. It also avoids all of the pitfalls, usual risks and outright dangers of “spinal kundalini” activation.

Spinal kundalini activation has its place of course. There are many form of “cosmic breathing techniques,” like “Cobra Breath” and others for this purpose. But, it is my assertion that they must go hand in hand with Latihan to avoid the risks. Additionally, the combination of Latihan and breathe technique is best if accompanied by some form of body motion. I bring all of these together in something called K.I.M., (Kundalini In Movement) More on that another time.

First Phase – Setup

1) Lie down flat on your back with your legs straight and your arms at your sides with no pillow. It should be on a soft comfortable place or bed so you can stay there for a long time. If it does not seem possible to hold this position without neck or knee support then make the support as small as possible and see how it goes with the intention to remove the support when you can.
2) It should definitely be at a quiet time.
3) You might need a blanket for part of your body. Make yourself super comfortable.
4) Do this when you are not tired or you will just fall asleep. So, for me, when I wake up is best either in the morning or after a nap. But, anytime is fine if you feel good.
5) If you do fall asleep try to stay in the straight, flat position. The tendency will be that you will want to turn on your side. Turning on your side or changing to any other position will stop the process.

Second Phase – Calling In Support

1) Relax the jaw as much as possible. Work with it momentarily using latihan until it’s the best you can make it. Meaning as balanced between tension and relaxation as feels right.
2) Call in the spiritual support that feels the most compassionate and loving. Either speak the words out loud or inside yourself whichever one you can do with focus.
3) Hang out with this unconditional love energy a few moments to bring forth your own self love and compassion for yourself.

Third Phase – Short Warm Up Intentionally Moving Energy

1) Check in with the jaw.
2) Imagine energy coming into your body through the right hand and right foot if you are right-handed and through the left hand and foot if you are left-handed.
3) Imagine this energy flowing up the leg and arm, into the hip and shoulder.
4) Then imagine the energy gently flowing across the torso across to the other side.
5) And imagine the energy gently flowing across the neck and head to the other side.
6) Imagine this energy flowing down the other leg and arm.
7) Imagine this energy flowing out of the other hand and foot from where you began.
8) You will be able to feel the energy gently “pushing upward” on the incoming side and gently “stretching downward” on the outgoing side. It can also feel like the energy is gently beginning to rotate you.
9) If this visualization does not feel right imagine the energy moving from top down through the whole body or from bottom up through the whole body.
10) When you get the energy moving, you will feel it as heat, slight pressure, tingling or buzzing or ‘energy champagne bubbles’ moving through different parts of the body.
11) Do this once to twice. Longer, if it feels right or not at all if the energy is already moving.

Fourth Phase – Working On Pain

1) Keep gently working with the jaw.
2) Slowly, the energy (heat, tingling, buzzing, ‘energy champagne bubbles’) will begin to move through different parts of the body. This will start to cause tension or aches and pains or feelings.
3) Send out short intentions for specific release of pains or tensions if it feels right.
4) Allow only the muscles of your face and eyes to move to express any feelings. Keep the rest of the body in the straight flat position. Keep clearing feelings, gently crying or whatever.
5) If it helps you to move pain and tension allow your face and eyes to be in Latihan.
6) Slowly the energy will get stronger and stronger. If the tension or energy is too strong or uncomfortable just turn over on your side and that will stop the process.
7) Use this discomfort for clearing.
8) Best is to let this discomfort take you right into latihan and clear while connected to inner guidance.
9) Ideally gently alternate between KIS and Latihan. KIS is the energetic “charging” or in-breath. Latihan is the energetic “discharging” or out-breath.
10) Build up to a session length of 80 –90 minutes. It can be all KIS, all Latihan, a little of one and much of the other. Any variation that feels right.

Fifth Phase – Going Deeper

1) After a while of clearing tension and pain you will get to a deeper relaxed level. Sometimes this can happen in five or ten minutes. Sometimes it takes an hour or more. Sometimes you won’t get there in the session.
2) If you get to this deeper relaxed level without too much tension and pain then let the energy keep getting stronger.
3) Keep using your eyes and face muscles to clear any feelings that you need to clear.
4) If it feels right then do a Latihan but inside your brain and not as usual with your body.

Sixth Phase – Three Specific Options

A) Continued Healing, Clearing More Pain
1) Just continue with everything as it feels right.
2) Allow sleeping, naps, fast movements in and out of sleep, jerks of the body or parts of the body as you exit and enter.
3) Use a timer if you like, continue as long as you like, end whenever you like.

B) Empowering Intentions with Support and Recapitulation/Retrospection
1) Gently look upward with your eyes, either to the 3rd eye or higher whichever feels easy.. (In general this can quiet down the “brain chatter” significantly and can be used momentarily at any time for that.)
2) If it feels comfortable hold your eyes in this position. If not let go and gently periodically return to it for a moment.
3) Call in some support from any spiritual entity, master, angel, spiritual teacher that you feel best supports intentions. Picture him or her for a moment.
4) Visualize some successfully completed picture of yourself relative to that intention. Show that picture to you spiritual intention support entity.
5) Keep holding that picture, showing it to support until it either it starts to morph into something uncomfortable or your head or eyes start to hurt or the visualization of yourself grows stronger.
6) It you get uncomfortable either because of the picture, its morphing or because your head or eyes begin to hurt then let go of the visualization and then allow the cinema to start running. This may be surprising at first appearing to bring present unrelated, uncomfortable or even unwanted memories.
7) Relax all mental efforts and “watch the movie.” Follow the historical pictures and/or movie, clearing any feelings and making any realizations. This is the recapitulation or retrospection, allowing the experiences to “complete,” to release the held energy still caught in those experiences.
8) Relaxed and watching the movie, let picture after picture surface and complete as long as it feels right to continue. Watch the tendency to make it “hurry up” or make it go faster then the energy really needs it to move.
9) Ideally you will be so engaged that the retrospection in fully engaging, interesting and satisfying. You “see” who you are or were and why. (self realization.)

C) Going Out Of Body
1) As the energy gets stronger some things may occur spontaneously.
a) Seeing the chakra colors.
b) Hearing music.
c) Hearing people telling you things or having people show you things.
d) Start a conversation with energies on the other side, channeling etc.
e) Feeling very strong sexual feelings.
f) Dreams and partial dreams.
g) Feeling parts of your body start to leave your physical body like feeling your energy legs separate from you physical legs or your “body” feeling like it is floating slightly separate from your physical body.
h) Get completely in your energy body and go other places or visit some spirit energies that are most in resonance with you.
2) Follow whichever of these that feels right to do.
3) If the energy gets high enough i.e. when the energetic “cocoon” or envelope completely enfolds your body or sooner if you are more sensitive then you will be able to jump into “Dreamtime.” This has only happened for me twice for just a few seconds. The first time I received an “energy gift.” The second time I momentarily met some amazing “people” which evoked one of the most intense feeling clearings that I’ve had. (love/sadness/crying.)

KIS and Latihan are turning out to be an extraordinary combination. KIS is the “in-breath,” the charging cycle. Latihan is the “out breath,” the discharging cycle.

When you are restless, do Latihan. When you are dead, do KIS. When you are too tired, too exhausted, too anything then do KIS. When you are “filled up,” need to clear, scared, angry, busy etc. do Latihan. KIS brings in the kundalini energy cellularly. Latihan moves that energy through for transformation, empowerment, joy, answers etc.

For deep pain, unmoving pain, tension pain do KIS to soften into it and then Latihan to move it through and complete it.
Flow back and forth between the two with no rules. Maybe you will only do one or the other for a day or several days. Maybe both, back and forth in the same ninety minutes.

Between your bodies, cellular kundalini always wants to connect you to YOU on the other side. It is your energy link for uploading requests and downloading everything relative to fulfilling your requests. Fundamentally this buzzing, tingling, “energy champagne bubbles” are all aspects of the cellular kundalini connection energy to the spiritual side. The connection energy enables downloading of any energy, experience or information you successfully intend.

Within your body, you can feel the energy working on parts of your body to heal it and move the pain. Some of these will be VERY tough. But this 1-2 process, KIS and Latihan, is the way to get to the deeper and deeper, harder and harder pain layers and bring them up for clearing. These are the levels that will really make the body younger, truly produce the “youthing” and make the Five Hundred Year Project one hundred percent viable.
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